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Vector Rechargeable Inflator Spotlight

Vector Rechargeable Inflator Spotlight lantern for your car, this power supplies is designed with 12 volts so you can recharge your tire inflator. The 92% white light level means you can see the Inflator in the dark, this Inflator is fantastic for folks wanting for a no-nonsense car tire in Inflator light design.

Vector Rechargeable Inflator Spotlight Ebay

The Vector 12 v power supply rechargable air Inflator Spotlight is exquisite for tire inflators! It light up with 12 vibrant colors, making it a beautiful addition to your bike shop or shop, this Inflator Spotlight is additionally sensational for night rider activities, such as rubbing down tires or inflating devices. It features an 12 v power supply which makes it excellent for when you need a little power to recharge your tire, additionally, the Inflator Spotlight can be used to see in the dark. This is a recharged air Inflator Spotlight that you can use to help see by the sun or stars, it imparts an 12 v c-c power supply and is recharged with test charges. This is Rechargeable Inflator Spotlight that can be used to recharge tires, the Inflator is powered by an 12 v power supply and the Spotlight is charged with that power. The Spotlight can be used to light up a tire or other object when it is recharged.