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Spotlight Vs Floodlight

Spotlight is a more advanced, curving light bar that will turn your vehicle into a nightmarish, luminous bowl with an illumination rate of up to 30 lumens, base models include 4 pods of aden and you can choose between 4 wd or 2 wd applications. Flood light is a30-lumens light bar that will put a smile on your passengers and effect on unsuspecting drivers.

Landscape Floodlight Vs Spotlight

The landscape Floodlight Vs Spotlight debate is between light years and days, both of these devices are splendid for shining light on a landscape or into a darkness or dark space. However, the light years product is to be more efficient as it features an all-optical light- amplification technique that helps to produce a more high-definition image, the day product is further less expensive which means that you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. What is a spotlight? A Spotlight is a led light bar with four lights, each set to flare at a set rate, this system can be used to light on a landscape or to indicate a specific area in the leader of your team with this unique Spotlight system on your vehicle. If you are scouring for a spot light for your suv or truck, we have you covered, our 52 curved led lights are designed to work with all types of vehicles, including those with 4 headlights and 10 lights. These lights are pre-configured with 4 pre-oshot leds, so you can create an outstanding spot light for your vehicle, they are 4 per pod, so you can choose the look you want, and they come of future-proof lights ready to go. Spotlight Vs flood light: Spotlight is a radiant light that is adjacent to a sink or other light source, this type of light is often used in restaurants, and other public areas. Flood light is a light that is to flood areas, like a flooded street or site.