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Spotlight Hole Patch

This hole patch is for filling a left driver side spotlight hole. It is perfect for any car or truck out there who wants a large hole on the side to hole up your ride!

Spotlight Hole Patch Target

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Best Spotlight Hole Patch

The taurus interceptor sedan is a new car from taurus that is set to be a big hit with people who love police cars. The spotlight hole patch kit is going to help you lot in having a better car. this spot is for the chevrolet tahoe police vehicle spotlight hole patch cover. It is this item that makes this vehicle look its best, and therefore provides the protection that it does. This spot is located on the front of the vehicle, around the door notches. It is this location that allows for the police to see what is going on is the car, and is ready for when the crime is committed. this is a spotlight hole patch kit that we can use to adjust the focus of a 2022-2022 dodge durango pursuit policexi. It is perfect for when you want to improve your shot without having to remove the gun. thishole patch is for the ford explorer police utility. It is a hole in the spot where the light should light when the car is parked. The patch is slightly to the right of the parking spot and should be placed there when the car is parked.