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Slo Spotlight

Spotlight is a first-rate addition to each home decorating budget! These stylish and powerful solar post caps are fantastic for outdoor use - they come in white or outdoor vinyl - making them a peerless way for any home they add class and power to your home decorating agenda, making your home look higher end and by your lighting and weather conditions.

Slo Spotlight Amazon

The slo-2101 Spotlight cover model is designed to protect your copper Spotlight from dirt and dust, it offers a comfortable fit and uncomplicated to operate fit, making it basic to adopt and protect your light. Looking for a stylish and functional solar post cap? Don't search more than these 2-pack classy caps! They offer 2 in, x 2 in. White vinyl led solar post caps that can be attached to a building's facade or simply hang from a tree, the post cap provides an 5 in. Length and an 4 in, width so it can be attached in a variety of ways. The classy caps 2-pack 5 in, x 5 in. Outdoor white vinyl led solar post cap is a terrific alternative to add a touch of class to your outdoor space, with different a pop of color to your look, this cap is first-class for any setting. Each cap is manufactured of durable vinyl this makes them reliable and long lasting, plus, the led lights will light up your post any time you need to stay visible. The Spotlight cover model 2101 c is a powerful and unrivaled Spotlight cover, it is produced of high-quality copper and gives a comfortable fit. The cover is additionally effortless to clean and its design makes it look great.