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Open Trails Solar Spotlight

Our Open Trails Solar Spotlight is a top-of-the-line alternative to add light to your home office or garden, this Spotlight is black in color and grants a special lens that allows you to add a13. 7 in black casing yard light set of 4 to your home or office.

Best Open Trails Solar Spotlight

The Open Trails Solar Spotlight is a powerful and efficient Spotlight that can help light up your garden or yard with its 13, 7 in black color. The casing is black with a white casing, making it effortless to see in any color or light level, the light source is a low power battery or 5 ah) that makes it uncomplicated to br to work or school. The Spotlight can be easily controlled with a control box on the back, this light set is of 4. The Open Trails Solar Spotlight extends an 13, 7 inch silver metal stake yard light set of 4. This yard light is dandy for displaying your Open Trails Solar Spotlight in your yard or garden, the light is reliable and can be used for Solar spotlights and subject photos. This Spotlight is 13, 7 in black and provides a black casing. It is fantastic for turning a dark spot in the yard into a little light, the Spotlight also includes a white light emblem and a post. This Spotlight is first-rate for turning a small yard into a little more than just a yard, the Open Trails are first-class alternative to add a little bit of light to your yard. The spotlights are 13, 7 in silver metal stake yard lights set of 4 and they are excellent for increasing awareness during dark hours. The spotlights can be used for from the light of the sun while also providing a few degrees of light needed to see, the spotlights are effortless to operate and they have a three-minute time limit.