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Cyclops Led Spotlight 580 Lumens

The Cyclops Led Spotlight is a powerful, long range beam Lumens this Lumens Led spot light is outstanding for off of a map or map of a location, with its powerful light it's facile to find your substitute in a dark place.

Cyclops Led Spotlight 580 Lumens Ebay

The Cyclops Led Spotlight is a powerful and efficient Led spot light that can work with or without a light source, this spot light offers a long range beam that can be used for visible or ultraviolet light. It also presents a Cyclops logo and a scholars skin on it, this Led light is enticing for universities and educational institutions. The Cyclops Led Spotlight 580 Lumens is a long range beam Led that offers 880 Lumens of light at 50 400 yards, it is sensational for at-home photography or bedroom décor. With its bright 880 lumens, you can see everything well into the late night, and it provides a Cyclops design, making it than 1 meter in height. The Cyclops Led Spotlight is a peerless piece of kit for a busy person's room, with its long range beam, it can reach out and draw attention to all area of the room. The Cyclops is a durable, long-lasting Led beam that can emit 580 lumens, it provides a warm, natural style and is excellent for nighttime exercises or meditation.