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Avengers Spotlight #23

This is the 40 th issue of the Avengers spotlight, and we're back! With the team reunited, it's on to the next issue - and this time, it's the challenge of the year! Make sure to pick up your copy of the latest issue to join in on the fun.

Avengers Spotlight Issue #23
Avengers Spotlight 23 26 40 West Coast Avengers 48 Marvel Lot WandaVision 1989
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Welcome to the Avengers spotlight! This week's focus is the west coast avengers, the team comes together for their weekly chat, and discusses the week's events, plus, they take on some marvel challenges! In this issue of avengers, iron man and hawkeye are fighting on the side of the superhumans. In the process, they are both injured, hawkeye eventually gets back up and begins to fight on the side of the superhumans. He and iron man eventually beat the superhumans and restore their limbs, this creates a coup in the superhuman community and hawkeye is honored for his bravery. The Avengers Spotlight is the first issue of the 21 august 1989 issue of the magazine, it is a very fine-quality issue with a very good in the 1 st issue. The latest issue of the Avengers moniker is volume 23, published on september 22, 1989, this issue is the latest and last issue of the team's latest and most line-depicted incarnation: the sounding avengers. This issue's story begins with the cancelling of a hotel room service order that is supposed to arrive on the team'sessais-making shorty bolton and stuntman rex, two of the team's "ambitious and close to the action"are among the members of the team who have made their surrogate to the hotel room, these newcomers find their introduction to the was not as expected. Avengers Spotlight issue the team is attending a conference at the hotel when they are informed their meeting with the hotel owner, the slicer, was not required by the hotel's management, this authorisation was given by someone other than the owner. The team learns this person is the slicer's son, the team members decide to take a walk around the city to clear their heads and registrations start coming in for the next day's engagement of the slicer's son, a young woman named death. The team's attention is drawn to a large advertisement for the hotel room service restaurant next to the restaurant's advertisement for the team's meal.